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Cooperation in various accommodation types and hotel business
  • Hotel
    Standardized accommodation service and decoration mode, some provide restaurants, meeting rooms and other facilities
    1,148,499 hotels
  • Inns
    Relatively standardized facilities and decoration, close to hotel management standards, with front desk service, with local characteristics
    106,694 inns
  • Apartment
    Service apartments are mostly managed and renovated in a unified way, available for short- and long-term rental
    142,215 apartments
  • Villa
    Mostly stand-alone buildings, available for being rented out as a whole, and some can provide butler services
    183,350 Villas
  • Homestays
    Mainly are residentials,operated by families or individual landlords
    2,202,964 homestays
  • Farm Stays
    Mostly in the suburbs or rural areas, self-employed, simple furnishings and offer local specialties
    62,542 farm Stays
  • Hostels
    Low price, usually sold by bed, suitable for backpackers
    59,104 hostels
  • Featured Homestays
    The form of the house has characteristics, such as tents, RVs, boat houses, tree houses, old houses, courtyard houses, etc.
    49,892 featured homestays
System highlights
  • Quick order
    Don't miss any business by activating automatic confirmation function
  • Price maintenance
    Multiple editing models, easy to maintain according to your prefrence
  • Data Analysis
    Market trends, business overview, guest reviews, all in your hands
  • Operation tutorial
    Peer experience, industry trend, valubale suggestions for your business shared by experts
Comprehensive Services
Full control of your own property - Prices,policies and restrictions
24/7 support to solve your accommodation problems
Locating ideal guests - guests need to follow the rules and restriction setted by you
Access to guests reviews for hostorical bookings
Accurate market trends to help you better manage your accommodation
  • "Opportunities increase when you assist others succeed, and here at Four Seasons Hotel Sydney as a people driven organisation, a triumph for us is an aligned success for The relationship our hotel has established with over the years has gone from strength to strength, even throughout unprecedented times.  Across the years, has aligned with the hotel to learn, adapt, be agile and come out the other side of issues together and stronger than ever.  One right alignment can have a positive impact on an organisation, and that is what has done for our business".
    Helen Radic
  • "Knowing TRIP.COM is like knowing you have a good friend who will always take care of you during the good times and specially bad times. Although, TRIP.COM is an online portal, but it’s the people I treasure more in this great company."
    Rajan Sakya
  • "It makes me more confident to know that I can report guest misconduct for all the properties in my portfolio on"

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